Sunday, 11 December 2011

It was the most wonderful time of the yeeeear

dress - miss coquines, heels - dolcis, little case - river island

(wednesday january 4) Weeeehw last days were a bit hectic and i've forgotten to publish this post :( so here it comes hehehe
It's already to late to wish you a merry christmas, so here are my greatful heartfelt wishes for you for a stunning new year, 2012 <3 My school had a chrismas dance @ Cruise Terminal, Rotterdam. The weeks before were very stressfull cos i couldnt find my perfect dress and heels. I was a bit by two mind: shall i wear heels or just ballerina flats? At the last moment i decided to wear these heels. Well, luckily my mission hasnt failed. My mum had straightened my hair but there's nothing left from it at the pictures haha. All by all, that night was top notch :)

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  1. Very stunning looks... Each of you are so adorable.. We love all your dresses... Amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!