Monday, 23 April 2012

feeling wooooozy

it's not human how bad i polish my nails

i don't know what i was doing here but it looks a bit crappy so it can't be good

(Cardigan - Urban Outfitters, top - h&m, shorts - vintage Levi's, necklace - Forever 21)
 I finally found the grey shorts and cardigan with aztec print i always wanted to have ! I bought all those amazing things in London :) gosh it's not human how badly i want to go back to London, it's like heaven on earth to me! had such a great time there hehe
I really liked the markets and vintage shops we don't have in Holland (which is a real shame). But i've spend almost all my money in Tophop (what we haven't neither in Holland and which is more a real shame). But one day i'll come back to London and never leave it again :D pinky promissssse

love, nadia