Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cold as ice you know that you are

Some winter buyings to survive these cold days

My two new babies

 (Jumper - vintage, ripped short - market, boots - h&m, bag - Primark)

Because i live in Narnia it snowed yesterday a bit and it's already melting so i had to take some pics quickly.. Now its like -10 degrees and i think i'm going to freeze to death :( My skin is really pale and dry and i look like a zombie so i have to use 985652 kilos of face lotions and creams to keep my face acceptable hahahaha
I'm trying to save some money for my London trip but i suppose this plan is going to fail.. My latest buyings were two warm cardigans (Urban Outfitters & Zara), two ripped shorts (both vintage) and Lana Del Rey's cd, god she's so good! I think you should listen to her music, she'll be become a fashion icon, for sure!

Hopefully the snow will diappear soon and it's not going to snow again for about 10 years :)
Much love and kisses, Nadia